Omega 3 oilsOmega-3 fish oil is one of the safe, alternative therapies the BART Foundation believes may help brain injury survivors. We wanted to share these recent research findings that speak to the effectiveness of this therapy.  To sum it up, Omega-3’s are good for all of us, not just survivors of TBI/ABI.

In recent research conducted at The Ohio State University, researchers found positive results that daily supplements that contained 2.5 grams of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, the highest dose tested, were the best at helping the body resist the damaging effects of stress. The 2.5-gram dose of omega-3s is much higher than what most Americans consume on a daily basis, but study participants showed no signs of having problems with the supplements,

The supplements contributed to what the researchers call stress resilience: reduction of harm during stress and, after acute stress, sustained anti-inflammatory activity and protection of cell components that shrink as a consequence of aging. The potential anti-aging effects were considered particularly striking because they occurred in people who were healthy but also sedentary, overweight, and middle-aged – all characteristics that could lead to a higher risk for accelerated aging.

After four months on the supplements, the 138 research participants, age 40-85, took a 20-minute test combining a speech and a math subtraction task that is known to reliably produce an inflammatory stress response. Only the highest dose of omega-3s helped suppress damage during the stressful event when compared to the placebo group, lowering cortisol and a pro-inflammatory protein by an average of 19% and 33%, respectively.

Read more on OSU’s website.

Barlean’s Oils, a source of premium quality oils, has generously agreed to make its oils available at a steep discount to TBA/ABI survivors who find themselves on a tight budget. Details of this unique charitable program, including how one qualifies for the discount, are available from Barlean’s at 1-800-445-FLAX. Be sure to mention “The BART Foundation’s Discount” when you speak with a customer service representative.