Our Mission

Siena College

The BART Foundation’s mission is to promote better outcomes for brain injury survivors by answering three questions – which alternative therapies are likely to work, where can they be found, and how can they be afforded?

The BART Foundation provides answers to these urgent questions in understandable terms, making accurate, practical information about alternative therapies accessible to survivors, caregivers, and health professionals. We are dedicated to helping brain injury survivors live more fulfilling, productive, and joyful lives.

Our Efforts

Our medical board has identified six alternative therapies for investigation as relatively safe and effective:

We continue to search the medical literature for emerging alternative therapies with substantial scientific evidence supporting both safety and efficacy. We understand “alternative” to mean outside of mainstream medical practice and not covered by insurance.

There is crying need for a reliable way to locate qualified credentialed practitioners of these alternative therapies in local communities, and the BART Foundation has consulted thought leaders in each field to compile our Resource Guide. It is the most comprehensive, robust, and useful resource of its kind.

The Barlean’s Oils BART Foundation scholarship program is first of its kind: making omega-3 oils available to low-income brain injury survivors at a steep discount. BART is exploring creative ways of making other alternative therapies more accessible and affordable.

Our Outlook


Conventional medicine takes survivors of severe acquired brain injuries only so far, often ending at the nursing home door or heavily medicated at home, facing long empty hours, and overwhelming family resources. Alternative therapies are not merely a reasonable option; they may be a necessity. No other foundation or organization undertakes our impartial educational mission. Many organizations advocate for select alternative therapies, acting in effect as trade groups or setting standards for practitioners. BART is unique in taking an agnostic approach regarding which therapies are safe and effective. We have no financial or vested interest in any therapies.

As a 501(c)(3) educational charity, we hope you will consider making a tax-deductible contribution. With minuscule overhead, contributions go almost entirely to further our mission.