Bart with Dr David HarterThe BART Foundation’s mission is to promote better outcomes for brain injury survivors by answering three questions – which alternative therapies are likely to work, where can they be found, and how can they be afforded? One of the ways we fulfill our mission is by carefully watching global research and clinical trial outcomes and sharing that information, in user-friendly language, with the TBI/ABI community.

For some time, we have advocated for the use of Vision Restoration Therapy (VRT) as a treatment that can help some with TBI/ABI achieve healing. For those in the TBI/ABI community following this promising treatment modality, we’d like to share a recent article that provides an overview of the most common visual impairments experienced by those who have TBI/ABI (including stroke patients). The article explains the different types of visual impairments (referred to as hemianopia), their associated symptoms, some possible causes, and the treatment options available (including VRT). We encourage you to look over the article first, and then watch our accompanying video which explains Bart’s experience with this treatment in the years following his accident and TBI.