Robert Gertler


Board Member

Robert is an impassioned creative and an advocate for justice, skillfully merging his extensive professional background with a commitment to crafting content that inspires action against injustice. A childhood friend of Bart, Robert became interested in brain injuries after his accident, and contributed creative content to the Foundation from its earliest days. (e.g. The BART Foundation logo). He joined the Foundation board after Bart passed away and is committed to its mission.

Robert is the Founder of MOKM Creative Services, offering photography, videography, graphic and web design, branding, and marketing.

Robert's career is distinguished by his work with some of the most influential names in the corporate and entertainment world. His portfolio boasts collaborations with Apple, Beats by Dr. Dre, and SONY. He has also worked with a host of celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Willow & Jaden Smith, Slick Rick, Khalid, Geoffrey Zakarian, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Zephyr Teachout, further cementing his reputation in the industry. His editing contributions also include Anthony Bourdain’s “Parts Unknown”.

In 2016, Robert’s passion and artistic activism intersected as he co-founded Create A Space NOW, where he now serves as the Creative Media and Marketing Director. This platform aims to engage and drive conversations around the silencing of Black lives and racial issues in America, striving to combat bias, racism, and systemic oppression.

In 2021 Robert and his partner, Hettie Barnhill, released their first film, “A Love Letter to Brian, Lesley and Michelle.” This award-winning production has been screened and acclaimed both nationally and internationally, receiving recognition from Congressman Ro Khanna and the California Senate 2021 Outstanding Achievement in Community Engagement and Education.

Designed for a wide range of audiences, the film has been successfully screened for high school students, with engaging talkbacks featuring the filmmaker held after each screening. These talkbacks are essential to the experience, promoting vital conversations centered around the film's themes. Teachers have praised the program, with one stating, "Your programming once again offered an opening for some of the most difficult - and most important - conversations we can have with students today."

As an official selection in numerous film festivals, including the Montreal International Black Film Festival, the Colorado International Activism Film Festival, the Silicon Valley International Film Festival, and the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival, "A Love Letter to Brian, Lesley, and Michelle" has earned widespread attention and acclaim.

Artist Statement:

"Art is my weapon, I aim with intent."

The importance of narrative is woven into the very fabric of our lives. It can connect us, to open our eyes to new perspectives, and to bridge the gap between diverse experiences. This immense power, however, comes with great responsibility. Too often, narratives are manipulated, distorted, or exploited for purposes that stray far from the truth. My mission as a filmmaker is to seek the authenticity of stories, to present them in their truest form, to give voice to the voiceless, and to illuminate the unseen.

In my creative journey, I wield my camera and my pen not just as tools, but as instruments of justice and truth. My objective is to share stories and shape narratives that resonate, challenge, and inspire. I plan to use every ounce of my creative energy to ensure those stories are told with honesty, respect, and a deep sense of responsibility.