Dr. Michael Compain


Vice-President, BART Foundation

Dr. Compain, a board-certified Internist, practiced integrative and functional medicine for over thirty years before retiring. With aspecial interest in Environmental Medicine he was a member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine for many years. He also worked extensively with children withneurobehavioral disorders, in particular Autism Spectrum Disorders. He has always been a creative thinker dedicated to exploring safe alternative therapies for brain injuries, neurological disorders and other intractable conditions.

It was Dr. Compain who originally suggested to the Goldstein’s that they try HBOT to treat their son Bart’s severe TBI. He had a longstanding interest in HBOT, having employed it and other safe alternatives in his practice to treat patients with advanced Lyme Disease. HBOT was life-changing for Bart. The Goldstein’s subsequent pivot towards alternative therapies led years later to the creation of the BART Foundation. Compain was a founding member of its board.
He is a founding member of Cantine’s Island Cohousing in Saugerties, NY where he has raised a family, now living there with his wife of forty-five years. With an interest in liberal education, he formerly served as President of the Mountain Laurel Waldorf School in New Paltz. Active in progressive politics, Dr. Compain was for many years on the state board of Citizen Action of New York.

Compain earned his BA from Columbia University and his MD from New York University, doing postgraduate training at University of Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital and Albert Einstein’s Montefiore Hospital Center. He contributed a chapter in Food and Nutrition in Disease Management (CRC Press) and has written four novels, one of them published, along with several published short stories. He plays the French Horn in a local band, enjoys biking and kayaking.