Dayle Groudine


Secretary, BART Foundation

Mother of a TBI survivor, Dayle is a founding member of the BART Foundation.

With husband Joel she adopted two Korean children, Bart and Cassidy. She earned her BS in Psychology from Mercy College, then went on to become a Reiki Master, practicing for decades. She volunteered at Camp Mujigae for many years, including Coordinator of Volunteers.

After her son Bart suffered a severe TBI as an adolescent, she became an ardent advocate of safe alternative therapies, which drove his recovery beyond expectations. She was a founding board member of the BART Foundation, and remained a devoted caregiver until Bart passed away 21 years post-injury.

Married for 50 years, she enjoys being a grandmother, as well as travel, walking, hiking, playing Mahjong, and learning to speak Greek. She is owner of an adoring therapy dog Nico, is a Jane Austin fan, and enjoys Louise Penny’s mysteries.