Bryan Cush


Board Member

The healthcare market can be a confusing place, and Bryan knows how intimidating it can be to navigate the thickets of available information out there to find the right provider. A personal struggle made this too tangible for him. Trying to help his mother navigate a complex chronic disease made it clear to him how much lack of support there was for healthcare scenarios that weren't symptoms based.

This all fuels his passion for helping patients avoid the headache that can come with looking for healthcare by finding the right doctor on the first try and avoiding unnecessary runaround. He has a knack for looking at the big picture and figuring out how to create sensible processes that benefit the individual interactions between patient and care provider.

Bryan is the co-founder of Tidal Health Group. A digital marketing and technology agency centered around building authority for healthcare brands.

He had the pleasure of knowing Bart for several years. He saw first hand the power of grit and determination a loved one can bring while searching for alternative care. He is honored to help serve and bring exposure to the growing field of alternative brain injury treatment.

Bryan lives in New York City with his wife, son and dog.